A message from one of the editors


Dear loyal reader!

Hockeyland Canada was first launched during the first week of 2013, shortly after the World Junior Championships.  It was our mandate at that time to provide fresh, unique and thought provoking pieces on all things hockey.

Though the first two months featured some excellent articles that we are proud of, our commitment to you… our reader, was not sustained.

After a summer of reflection, where we recognized the potential that this blog holds and the quality of the people who contribute, we decided to press the reset button, and start over… with a renewed vigour.

Over the coming weeks, we will attempt to maintain a strict writing schedule, to ensure that top quality hockey writing will be delivered to your e-mailboxes a minimum of six times per month.  Additionally, our main writers will contribute extra pieces throughout the course of the upcoming hockey season.  We will also provide the platform for guest writers to contribute to this blog, and share their ideas about our great sport.

In exchange, we hope that you enjoy the articles, and share your thoughts with us on the blog, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where will also contribute on a regular basis.  We want to be your go-to source for hockey reading throughout the course of the coming season.

It has been a long time coming, but we are proud of what we have created, and we will strive to make this into your landing spot for all things hockey!

We hope you join us for the journey ahead!


Jaideep Kanungo, Hockeyland Canada

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